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Meet Me at the Altar

Winner of the 2020 NZ Romance Writers Koru Award – Novella


Tom and Reid are getting married on Valentine’s Day. They have got the tuxes, chosen their rings, gathered their family and friends, and the sun is shining. It’s the most romantic day of the year and the TV cameras are rolling, ready to catch all the drama.

Wait. What?

Welcome to Meet Me at the Altar where our grooms will meet for the first time as they stand before the marriage celebrant to pledge their lives together for… well at least the five weeks the reality show runs for.

When Tom’s best friend told him he needed to try something different to meet someone new, he didn’t imagine being on a TV reality show getting married. But here he is, about to meet the man a panel of experts have chosen for him.

Reid entered the show on a whim, never expecting to be chosen. He’s about to meet a guy who could be everything he’s ever wanted. Or his worst nightmare.

Join Tom and Reid as they get to know each other. Will they go the distance or will they become just another statistic?

** Author note **
This book is set in New Zealand and uses NZ spelling and grammar.

This is a stand-alone novella of approximately 30’000 words.

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